Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The end of an era. The beginning of a new one.

Ok so maybe this is a slight re-post from a previous blog of might see just a bit of that as the week progresses...but I'd like to inform you all of my blog title choice, because I can imagine you're all a bit huh?ish.
Well after a lot of thinking and brainstorming between me and Camilla, I somehow whipped out of nowhere "She like menagerie"...I really, honestly and truly do not believe that this is correct english, but it sort of means, along the lines of  "A collection of things I like", in a more illiterate fashion...

Photography collection: "Welcome to the place i call home, more specifically my bedroom"
1. New purchase, bralette from cotton on body, still, its delish
2. Who doesn't wish they were a mermaid?
3. My bowl of goodies
4. It's like a bed display in ikea, just messier
5. I'm currently reading Peggy Guggenheim's autobiography, and I am telling you now, it is well worth the read. As if you don't want to spend your life art dealing the likes of Pollock and Cornell
6. Behind here are the items that keep me un-naked, we'll explore this later. Charming decorative post-it by Camilla Bracey, Follow her at 
Mystery Bruises
Photography by yours truly 

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