Monday, May 31, 2010

Driving in the moonshine

So Saturday night was interesting to say the least..first of all I arrive at Jess's house ready to go out and she's sitting infront of the TV in her ski outfit, thai take-away in hand...So once Britt arrived it took them both 100 outfit choices to go for a "quick" drive to Browny's...2 hours later, after getting lost in Clovelly with a faulty air-conditioner resulting in a constantly fogged up windscreen, we arrived...and that was just the beginning!
I won't go into detail any further, but you get it, it was one adventurous night..
note that I am wearing my new flower garland which embarrassingly I bought at equip...I think it looks good guys...

1. Jess and I
2. Me
3. Jess and I
Photography by Tannah


  1. I love these photos- so candid.

    i thought they were WILDFOX before i'd read the post.
    awesome awesome.


  2. You guys are adorable. Looks like were both just getting started with blog life. I just started following you, care to follow?

  3. hello, you are beautiful!!! <3 are you a model? :)

    also, the photos you have on here are really nice! will definitely follow you on Bloglovin!

  4. Sounds like quite the adventure!
    Love the first photo, your headband is adorable!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. I like your blog! great pictures!

  6. Loves it!

    I'm clearing out my wardrobe on Ebay, you should check it out:


  7. love this (:

    sadly my bloggy just got deleted in some freak of an accident. argh.

    find me here now:

    hope you'll follow!

    xx rena.

  8. your headband is absolutely stunning...
    adore your blog, new follower :)
    look forward to following more of your candid shoots x

  9. I love the headband! Thanks for commenting! I will be sure to follow! :)

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