Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday, uh oh here comes Monday

I'm backkkk...
For some reason I've not had time to blog nearly as much as I should be...however, I'm not going to apologise again, instead I'm just going to pretend these big breaks from blogging haven't actually happened, and that I've been here all along

Photographs - Camilla and Sammie Lyla

Mystery Bruises has a new tumblr...I wonder if I'll fall into the same trap...


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  2. cool photos.. can't wait to read some of your future posts :)

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  7. These pics are so fun... lusting your blog!! Now following you here, and on bloglovin'

  8. Awesome pictures! :) They're like an editorial.

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  11. i'm pretty sure that blogging is impossible to do on the regular and those who manage it are actually robots. you're from sydney right? i'm heading over for a break in november, would you be able to recommend any of your favourite places to visit/eat/drink/shop etc? i'd really appreciate it :)

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