Saturday, June 19, 2010

Encore Encore!: RP/Encore

Reid Peppard is not your ordinary jewellery designer/taxidermist...She in fact is one of my most favoured designers ever...

"Anyone who actually reads about these pieces will understand that most of what I do is simply preserving (with great care) creatures that would otherwise be left to rot and ruin in the streets of London." - Peppard to "You might like this"

I love the beauty she finds in such seemingly repulsive animals, taking the avant-garde to a whole new level..You may have seen Lady Gaga sporting one of her rat hair pieces in her film clip Bad Romance...Not to mention her envy-worthy connections with Viktor Vauthier, who I might add is in my top three list of photographers...
I would LOVE to own one of her rat coin purses, I might have to look into Australian quarantine regulations for that one..
Reid Peppard you are amazing

1. Pigeon Wing Head Piece
2. Pigeon Wing Necklace
3. Rat Coin Purse
4. Pigeon Wing Hair Comb

Photographs - RP/Encore Website


  1. weird necklace i never saw this before interesting post

  2. Wow, this is the crazy.

  3. Wow! This is soooo cool! I got to check this designer out. I love all the dead-animal refrences!!!
    Btw. thank you so much for the comment on my blog.
    You look so pretty!

    Mysterious G.,

  4. While I definitely would not use or own the rat clutch(?), I can understand her mindset of not letting something go to waste. As long as nothing is harmed while it is still alive, I see no problem there (That interview was very informative!). And, the bird feathers are beautiful.

  5. That is an incredibly unique and economical idea. And I'm totally all over it. My sister would die for that first pigeon headband.


  6. thanks for the comment!
    this post is perfecttt, love it :) super blog too

    now following you!

  7. who knew pigeons could be so hot! danggg

    I really like your aesthetic.

  8. Hey Sammie! Thanks so much for the positive post!! Bit random, but if you fancy you should enter this competition to win a free RP/Encore ring!!

    Thanks so much again!! XRP/Encore